Tuesday, February 23, 2016



This book came at the right time for me.  It really touched my heart, and I'll explain more below, but again…Until Friday Night came at exactly the right time.

To tell you the truth, I initially wanted this book because: 1) It's Abbi Glines <3.  2) The title, cover, and what I remembered of the summary made it sound a bit like a swoony Friday Night Lights (which I loved).  3) I remembered that Maggie, the female MC, doesn't speak.  Couldn't remember the reason, but I have a thing for MCs and love interests who are scarred, mute, illiterate etc.

What I didn't remember (and what likely would've prevented me from buying)...

...was the cancer.

West, the male MC, has a dad whose health is rapidly declining and who has been dying of cancer for a year.  West hasn't told anyone, not even his best friends.  It's just him, his mom, and his dad dealing with this awful disease.  He's living with this unbearable secret.  And it is eating him up while it takes the person he looks up to most, the person he loves most in the world away.

I don't know where she got the inspiration for this book.

But Glines must have had some real life experience to draw from.

I know this because I lived it.  My aunt passed away in December after a nearly nine month long battle with cancer.  She was my best friend in all the world.  I loved her so very much and was helpless in the end to help her.  Even as I write this, I'm crying again, so I'll get back to the review.

The reason I loved this book was that I could relate to nearly every emotion West had: The guilt at being away from home.  The fear of going home and what he might find.  The fear that came every time his cell phone rang, rushing to answer to make sure his dad was okay.  The pressure and anger that comes with keeping everything secret.  The despair.  The helplessness.

It made me not feel so alone.  That was what ultimately made me love the book.  There was just enough real to convince me that Glines (or someone she knows) lived through this tradgedy, too.

Until FridayNight is truth, raw and ugly.  West's emotions, his fears, were real, and anyone who has lost a loved one to cancer can relate.  What's more, Glines gives us two broken people and shows us the journey they take to understanding, to love, and ultimately to heal.  It is a beautiful book.  It found me at just the right moment.  And I enjoyed it very much.

Happy reading,

Ninja Girl

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

ADORKABLE Cover Reveal

Book covers are one of my favorite things.  There are some really beautiful ones out there, and the ones I like best completely capture the spirit of the book.  Today I'm revealing the cover of my debut YA romance Adorkable.  It has the feeling and spirit of the book and still makes my eyes smile every time I see it.  The book will be released in March 2016.  I love the cover, and I hope you do, too :).

Happy reading,

Ninja Girl

Tuesday, February 9, 2016


Hi there! Stacking the Shelves is a meme hosted by Tynga's Reviews.  I got three books that I'm over-the-moon excited to read, so I decided to share.

List of Books: Assassin's Heart by Sarah Ahiers
                         Shallow Graves by Kali Wallace
                         Until Friday Night by Abbi Glines

First up to read: ???????????????????????????

I honestly don't know which book to read first...  I've been waiting for Assassin's Heart since forever ago, back when it was called All That Remains.  It has assassins--families of them--and a girl who was betrayed and wants revenge, which I LOVE.  Then there's Shallow Graves; I've read some great reviews about it recently, and yes, that first sentence is A-mazing.  Throw Abbi Glines in there with a book that's part Friday Night Lights, part swoonworthy romance, and I'm completely torn.  I wish I could read all three at the same time...but I really don't because I want to give each book some one-on-one time.  Ack!

Anyway, I hope you got some great books this week!

Happy reading,

Ninja Girl