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My Faves

The Black Dagger Brotherhood (from most to least favorite)

1) Lover Awakened (I LOVE ZSADIST!!! Best brother imo; every book jacket says so-and-so, the most tortured brother, the most scarred brother.  To me, these are all Zsadist.  Just can't get enough of him. Plus, Bella was phenomenal!)

2) Dark Lover (Wrath and Beth, first in the series, introduced me to the brothers)

3) Two-way tie between: Lover At Last (Qhuinn and Blay finally get their HEA!  It is about freaking time.  Everything I hoped it would be and more!) and Lover Avenged (Rehvenge and Ehlena; Ward is at her best here.  The love story, conflict and action all found the perfect balance in this one.  Plus Rehv--not technically a brother but who cares?--surprised me.  In a very good way :)).

4) Two-way tie between Lover Eternal (Rhage and Mary) and Lover Mine (John Matthew, my second favorite brother, and Xhex)

5) Lover Reborn (Tohr and No'One; didn't think I'd like it b/c I loved Wellsie.  Glad Ward proved me wrong)

6) Lover Revealed (Butch and Marissa; plenty of love for Butch, too)

7) Lover Unleashed (Payne and Manny)

8) Lover Unbound (Sorry, but I hated the ending with a passion.  It was like a slap in the face, and I still have yet to recover.  I did love the part about the birds, though.  Plus, I can't help but compare V to Z, and for me there's no contest ;p)

9) Lover Enshrined (Phury and Cormia, just blah)

Can't wait for the next one.

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