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Q: In light of 11.11.11 and Veteran’s Day tell us about your favorite soldier and how he or she is saving the world. Fictional or real life.

I have a lot of respect for all of the men and women in uniform.  For fighting for what they believe in, for allowing U.S. citizens to live with so much freedom and in relative peace, I thank all veterans for their service.  For my answer, I had to go fictional since I don't many soldiers.  Had to go with Lt. Daniel Kaffee (aka Tom Cruise) from a Few Good Men.  Kaffee reminded me of a smartass Atticus with a need to know "the truth" and dole out justice.  Man, I woot every time I see him go after Jack Nicholson on the stand :D

Have a great Veteran's Day!

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  1. Oooooo great choice. Can't beat that movie

    Happy Veteran's day!!

  2. Oooh, good choice. I can't stand Tom Cruis when he's not acting, but when he's on screen he's kind of amazing... let's just forget about Vanilla Sky :D

    Also, I could have SWORN I'd followed you last week, but GFC says no! I have you in my Google Reader and everything! Newish follower :D

  3. @TheBrunetteLibrarian Awwwwww, your icon is so cute!

    @Sarah LOL! That's cool; sometimes I try to follow and find out later it didn't take. Thanks for taking the time to follow back ;) And I agree w/you about Mr. Cruise. He's a little...well...crazy

  4. I loved Tom Cruise in that role. He was excellent. Great choice. Come check out what I picked.

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  5. Tom kicked serious butt in that role! Jack did too. It was a great movie.
    Every time I see your icon I think of that tv commercial for that car "I'm a hoodie ninja, hoodie ninja" the girl looks JUST like your pic!
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  6. Great Tom Cruise movie.
    Happy Veterans Day

  7. @Grace Yes, he was! I definitely dig him as an actor. He's great

    @Books That's so funny you should say that about that hoodie ninja girl. I've got that vid up on my "fun, fun, fun" page :D

  8. @Emily I hope they play it actually today!

  9. Hi *waves* new follower =) I don't think I've seen that movie. Great answer though! Here is mine if you'd like to check it out!
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  10. @Shellie Thanks, nice to meet ya!

  11. Happy Veterans day!

    Tom Cruise he did look good !


  12. Ah... Tom Cruise almost looks tall in that picture! good choice!

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  13. Tom Cruise! Nice. :)

    I'm a new follower. Great blog.


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  14. Hopping by to say howdy. Thanks for stopping by this week.

  15. I've actually never seen that movie! Maybe I should see if it's on Netflix instant play.

  16. Hopping through. So nice to see a photo of the handsome, young, non-crazy Tom Cruise.
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  17. happy vet's day!

    I follow you here! will you stop by my blog?! I'm hosting a cover craze for an author! :)

  18. I haven't seen that film but I must watch it, it sounds really good.

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  19. Some people have friends and/or family who served or who is serving in the military. Other people aren’t really keen on the long-standing war and really have no answer at all.

    As for me? I don’t know anyone who is serving or who has served so I decided to go with what I want and chose a fictional soldier as an answer. The thing is, I had four prime candidates! I did eventually end up with one with a lengthy explanation. Care to know who it is? Follow me back to and find out!

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  20. Oooomg, I totally loved Kaffee too!! The whole movie in fact, one of my top favs ever xDD Awesome answer.

    Have a fab weekend!
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  22. Never heard of Browncoats? gahhh, haha! You should watch the show Firefly sometime! That's where the term is from. It's sci-fi, but has elements of a (not cheesy) western as well. :)

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