Thursday, March 8, 2012

BORN WICKED by Jessica Spotswood

Can we just talk about that awesome cover for a sec?  Okay, so I'm not all that big into witches.  Don't know why; it's not like I have anything against them.  I just don't look for the witch factor.  The premise hooked me, but I never would've have read it without this lovely cover and title.  The color scheme is just right¸ kind of a bronzy-gold with those colorful flowers that make it pop.  It's romantic and whimsical yet a little lazy/hazy.  How can you not love it?

And Born Wicked as the title of a YA about three sisters who are witches, living in an age where that fact would surely get you imprisoned--or worse?

Yes and yes!

Cate Cahill is running out of time.  In an effort to control young ladies and the evil within, the priests of the Brotherhood have mandated either marriage or the Sisterhood.  Cate has six months to decide--or have the brothers decide for her.  Her childhood best friend has already expressed an interest, but as Cate finds herself falling for the irresistibly smart gardener, Finn Belastra, for the first time, she's unsure.

Up until now, she's kept her promise to her mother, protecting her two younger sisters--and the family secret.  The Brotherhood doesn't tolerate witches.  If they knew, the Cahill sisters would be hauled away to the asylum like so many of the other girls in town.  Even a whiff of suspicion could send everything tumbling down, but Cate is always vilgilant, looking out for Maura and Tess, making sure they don't use their magic and accidently reveal themselves.

But someone already knows their secret.  They think the Cahill girls may be the sisters from a prophecy--and they will stop at nothing to get to them and their magic.

I enjoyed this book immensely.  I liked the historical setting and the fanatical Brotherhood.  The picture of these men, parading around in the guise of priesthood and telling young women that they are inherently evil, was very Crucible-esque.  Also reminded me of Jane Eyre and how unfairly she was treated by Mr. Brocklehurst  (*Grrrrr*  I really, really disliked that man).  The constant threat of the Brotherhood was handled very well, especially in the scenes where girls would suddenly be dragged away simply b/c they might be witches.  Very well done.

I couldn't help but love Cate.  She did everything she could to fill the shoes of her mother.  She looked after Maura and Tess as best she could.  They were always her first priority, and I loved that.  Maura, on the other hand, was a selfish little twit.  I'm sorry, but seriously, she was just concerned with herself and her dreams, and while that's all fine and good, she should've given more thought to her sisters.  But that's why Cate was the main character.  I think Spotswood picked the right sister to tell the story.  I loved Tess as well, but Maura needs to grow up a little and redeem herself in Book 2.  Ninjas don't like selfish/easily persuadable people :p

Finn Belastra is my newest book boyfriend.  He was smart, he wore glasses, he had a thing for Cate the whole time and would've fought the entire Brotherhood before he let them lay a hand on Cate or his loved ones.  Oh, Finn, why can't there be more guys like you in YA?  Is it obvious that I'm drooling over here b/c I totally am!!  Cate and Finn's first kiss was simply sublime, the romance right on point.  Can't say enough how much I loved Mr. Belastra <3

Born Wicked was a great read; it definitely gets the Ninja Girl stamp of approval!  Hope you like the Cahill sisters as much as I did.

Happy reading,

Ninja Girl


  1. Oh I can't wait to get into this story it sounds reallyt great. thanks for the review!

    1. I definitely enjoyed it :) Hope you do, too

  2. I am also not a big witch fan. Don't know why that is. But man, the cover on this book! How amazing is it?! I bet it's even better in person

    1. Yes!! I have much love for the cover, could ogle it all day 0__0

  3. Not a witch fan either, but I do agree the cover is phenomenal. I'll probably check out a few other reviews first, but it's good to know you loved it.

    1. Yes, great cover! And I hope you enjoy it if you decide to pick it up :)