Friday, May 4, 2012


Hi everyone!  Follow Friday is a meme hosted by Parajunkee and Alison Can Read.  The features this week are Ali's Bookshelf and The Housework Can Wait.  I decided to answer mine in letter format like PJ b/c hers came out so great :D  I'm sure Jo's received tons of letters exactly like this one.  Let's get hopping!

Q: What is one thing you wish you could tell your favorite author?

Dear J.K. Rowling,

Thank you for Quidditch.   Thanks for the magic in your words.  Thank you for Hogwarts and Headmasters, half-blood princes and cloaks of invisibility.  Thanks for your remarkable wordplay and the subtle genius of Diagon Alley and The Mirror of Erised.  Thank you for letting good triumph over evil.  But most of all thank you for Harry, Ron, and Hermione.  If not for them, I might've never found my love of books in the first place.

Ninja Girl


  1. If I were to write a letter, it would be to JK Rowling. And, if I had to say anything, I'd say exactly what you said (with permission, of course). You echoed my sentiments exactly! :D

  2. Love the letter! JK Rowling gave us so much!

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  3. I agree! Great letter! I can't imagine my childhood without Harry Potter!
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    1. oh and new follower! love your blog title!

  4. Well said, I agree 100 %
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  5. I really like your letter :) J.K. Rowling is amazing!

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    Happy reading!

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  6. YES. Hear, hear.

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  7. Hopping through. What a thoughtful letter! Harry Potter has changed so many of our lives.
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  8. Nice!!!
    I'd than her for Beadle the Bard too.

  9. I totally agree with you. I think it's quite the same for everyone!

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