Thursday, October 4, 2012

MOONGLOW by Kristen Callihan

There's something great about knowing that you're going to love a book.

And with Kristen Callihan, you just know.

The fantastic gothic world she created in Firelight gets even better in the second installment, Moonglow.  The romance, the danger, the hero and heroine, the reasons to read this book were too many to name, but I'll do my best to sum up.

Ian Ranulf, the Marquis of Northrup, never thought he'd fall in love again.  After countless women, all paid, all with the same features, he knows his type: red hair, green eyes, the perfect body.  But when he finds Daisy, the only survivor at the scene of a recent werewolf attack, she awakens Ian's protective instincts.

Recently widowed, Daisy isn't the type of girl to swoon at the sight of blood.  Though one of her dear friends was murdered by the were, Daisy is reluctant to trust the Marquis.  Her gut feeling where Ian is concerned is to run far, far away.  But his flirtatious yet dangerous nature calls to something deep within Daisy, that side of her which was beaten back in a loveless, abusive marriage.
Together, Ian and Daisy discover several more bodies, and a plot which revolves around women who wear the very perfume Daisy created for herself.  With a killer led by scent and an intelligent heroine determined to save herself, Ian will have to be very careful not to lose his life--or his heart--to the one woman he never saw coming.

If you want to know why to read…

Ian + Daisy = Out-of-this-world Chemistry.

These two characters really got to me.  Ian and Daisy were perfect for each other.  And it wasn't just the romance--though that was *sigh* spectacular!!  At the moment, I can't think of anything I've read recently that has two characters with better conversation and more natural chemistry.  I couldn't put it down!

Daisy was so smart and fearless.  Usually the two don't go hand in hand; the heroine does something stupid, which makes this ninja roll her eyes.  But not Daisy!  Callihan made sure to give her power so she could protect herself.  And Daisy was just as much of an unapologetic smartass as Ian and had a great sense of humor.  Wow, a girl with brains and bravery.  A rare sight in Queen Victoria's London J.

And Ian Ranulf.  Oh, he was such a strong hero.  Scottish, bad boy werewolf with a tragic past and effortless charm whose brogue gets stronger when his blood is up.  Need I say more? J

Great plot.  The whole perfume angle was interesting, and I have to say I just love these Ellis sisters.  Can't wait for Poppy's story!  Moonglow was even better than the first book, and I'd totally recommend it.  If you love romance and gothic goodness, you don't want to miss Daisy and Ian.

Happy reading,

Ninja Girl

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