Friday, December 28, 2012


Hi all!  This was my first Christmas spent away from home.  Me and the fam all went to Ninja Aunt C's this year--and it snowed!  Of course, it didn't stick but STILL!  Snow on Christmas *___*  It was great you guys.  I got entirely too much again, and I gave some things I really loved.

These are all the books I gave this year!!  Some of my absolute favorites!
And b/c my family knows me far too well, I got a ton of great books!  I've already devoured one: Shadow and Bone by Leigh Bardugo (it was mind-blowing!).
Ninja Aunt P got me these INCREDIBLE shoes!!  Did you ntice the "NINJA GIRL" personalization?!? Crazy cool!
Ninja Aunt C made me smile immediately with this Monsters Inc. ornament.  Ahhhhh Boo!
Annnnnnnd awesome Asian dramas--which I'm currently watching ;)
Like I said, way, way too much, but I'm so grateful for everything.  So, how was your Christmas?  Did you do anything interesting?  Receive or give any great gifts?  I'd love to hear about your holiday!
Have a great one,
Ninja Girl


  1. personalized sneakers, Kdramas and loads of books. you had an awesome Christmas

    1. True that :) Hope you had a great one as well!