Tuesday, August 30, 2011


The greatest love story ever told is a lie.

I'm just going to go ahead and say that I loved Stacey Jay's Juliet Immortal.  Loved it!!  The book was so unexpected, such a great read.  The idea of Romeo and Juliet being (im)mortal enemies, fighting each other throughout time for the souls of true soul mates, Juliet for light, Romeo for dark.  That plot just sang and when I picked it up to read (after that too-flowery first chapter), I was all in.

The second chapter was where it really took off for me.  When Juliet lands in the body of Ariel Dragland, the girl's memories assault her.  The guy in the seat next to her--who besides being a total tool looks a little…well…dead--made a bet on how quick he could get into Ariel's pants.  When the skeeze starts waking up, Juliet discovers something that's never happened, not in three hundred years: Romeo's taken over the body next to her, and before she can say a word, his hands are around her throat.

Juliet's escape is filled with tension.  Blood, fighting, and a few of Shakespeare's best lines whispered by a very homicidal Romeo to his "love."  It set the tone perfectly, introduced the conflict/plot and our two leads, their eternal feud.  Though she was fleeing for her life, my money was on Juliet all the way.

The introduction of Ben was probably my favorite.  It was so freaking fantastic: Juliet's on the run for her life; the Mercenary Romeo is hot on her heels; and suddenly a savior arrives.  He's kind but has a past, good-looking with a crooked nose and gentle hands that get Juliet's pulse racing.  The part where he says "And I won't let anyone else hurt you either" is…*sigh*  I loved the way Jay wrote Juliet and Ben.  The parts where they were together were the best imo; the plot that I'd loved so much initially actually took a back seat once their relationship picked up.

I've been reading books lately that seemed "too long," but this one was a good length.  It wasn't too long, but there was enough there to sink your teeth into.  I found the ending satisfying; it wasn't my favorite part, but I wasn't left wanting anything.  And that really is saying something b/c there were so many (SO many) ways this one could go.  The book wrapped up pretty quick, was perhaps a little too tidy, but I'd rather have that than loose ends.

The plot was there; the emotional conflict was heartbreaking at times; the romance was terrific.  I enjoyed Juliet immensely, glad I picked it up.  Am thinking Stacey Jay may be a ninja author in Shakespearean disguise J

Ninja Girl


  1. Mine was not better...LOL! Yours was great. And so glad you liked the book.

  2. Nice review! I can't wait to get a copy, I want to read it even more now! :)

  3. I have this setting next to me waiting to be read. I had to buy it..I love any thing about Romeo and Juliet...and a twist to the story makes it even better!

  4. I am reading (and liking) this right now. Thanks for the great review!
    Truly Bookish

  5. @Parajunkee Yours seriously was and thanks ;)

    @Maria Thank you! Hope you like it as much as I did

    @Tee Your TBR list looks great; I see many great reads in your future

    @Truly Bookish Isn't it strange how different people read the same books at the same time? And I mean different in an awesome way!

  6. I have to read this one! It sounds like an interesting twist on the original Romeo & Juliet story. I've heard it mentioned on several blogs but didn't know what it was about until now. Great review! :)

  7. Okay, that clinched it. I'm stalking the bookstore for this book now :)

  8. I wasn't really that interested in this book, but I think I'll give it a shot now :) Great review!

  9. I didn't think the Romeo & Juliet story could get any cooler but apparently I'm wrong! How great is this concept?? I can't wait to get my hands on this book!

  10. @Jennifer Yes, the twist was a great one! Definitely made me stop and say, "Hey, now that sounds interesting" :)

    @Sabrina Oh, I really hope you like it (I stalked my local store, too, until it came out lol)

    @Linda Thank you!! It was a good book imo, hope you think so, too

    @Lan The concept still intrigues me, and I've already read it. Like I said, Stacey Jay = Ninja Author :)

  11. wow, this sounds awesome! What a clever twist on things. Sometimes other writers just blow my mind with their ideas.
    I'll have to add this to my list

  12. This has been on my TBR list, but it just jumped WAY higher :D

  13. What a great review! I've been seeing this book around but I never guessed that it had such a cool plot (I jumped to the conclusion that it was a straightforward romance). Sounds like one I have to read.

  14. I have never heard of this...I now want to read this.