Wednesday, October 5, 2011

ISLE OF NIGHT by Veronica Wolff


First off, let me say that I did like this book.  I did.  I'll probably read the second one b/c no matter what problems I had, I love me some YA paranormal and the fact that it's a series just makes me want to keep reading.  What can I say?  When it comes to paranormal series, I'm addicted.  I hate not knowing what happens next J

So, onto Isle of Night.

I initially found the book on Goodreads (pretty much knew I was going to buy after reading the description), but then I started seeing a whole bunch of reviews.  Everyone seemed to enjoy the book but had one underlying problem: Despite her genius IQ, Annelise does some pretty stupid things in the beginning.  Prime example: Accepting a ride from a stranger (who just happens to be mysterious/uber-hot and knows her name before she gives it).  Yeah, not exactly genius behavior, but Ronan's pull over Annelise was later explained, so I didn't have a big problem with that.

What I did have a slight problem with was what happened once she got to the Isle of Night.  Okay, so here's the deal: Annelise and a bunch of other young females are rounded up by these people called Tracers (see uber-hot guy Ronan) who bring them to the Isle where they battle each other, academically and physically, for the right to protect…vampires.  My question the entire time was this: Why would they want to protect the vamps?  Sure, it was life or death.  Once there, the girls couldn't just say no and go home.  They had to train to survive, become stronger than the girl next to them, fight for their lives.  But in the end, what is going to make them want to protect their captors, the vampires?

In this first one, though, it's all about survival, so I tried to overlook certain things.  Annelise, it turns out, is very good at surviving.  She's lived through an abusive home life and has a great sense of self-preservation that I love to see in a young female.  No giving in for her, Annelise was a fighter through and through.  Even if she didn't have the physical strength of some of the other girls, she never gave up, and it was one of my favorite things about her.

The romance was there, but it wasn't overwhelming.  I loved Ronan, but, like Annelise, I found myself drawn to Master Alcantara, the intelligent/powerful vamp who told Ronan to bring Annelise to the Isle.  I know he was supposed to be creepy and all, but was I seriously supposed to be put off?  Thick, black hair, mysterious eyes, a man who "radiated power"?  Yes, please.  I can't wait to see him stand up for Annelise.  I want him to unleash that power on some poor unsuspecting who tries to mess with his carino, and I want it to be bold and bloody and unforgiving.  What?????  I just want him to use his power for good J

Anyway, like I said, I enjoyed the book.  It was a quick, easy read.  Could've done with a little more explanation, more action instead of exposition, but it was a good book.  Series addict that I am, I'll go back for the next one.

Hope everyone's having a great week,

Ninja Girl

P.S. You know what would be even better than Alcantara defending Annelise?  How about Annelise protecting him instead?  I'd love to see her surprise us and him :)


  1. I feel like I have a problem with why vampires would need these girls to protect them...can't they protect themselves?

    Who am I kidding, though, I will probably read this anyway lol

  2. I see what you mean about wanting to read this book despite the things that are obviously wrong with it. Like Colleen, I have an issue with girls protecting vampires. Not because they can't, a la Buffy, but I just don't see the point. I like the survival concept thought. A bit of Gladiator crossed with The Hunger Games.

  3. @Colleen and Lan Yes, that was one of my problems, too! I didn't get why the vamps would need the girls to protect them in the first place. But my biggest thing was why they'd want to protect them after keeping them against their will, making them fight and kill. Wouldn't the girls just revolt in the end??

  4. Hey NG. I can definitely see why you would have a problem with the whole "fight to the death for the honour of protecting the vampires who put you here" thing. Unless they're hoping for an extreme and long-lasting version of Stockholm syndrome I'm not really buying it.

    But I would also totally read this book - it's been on my radar for a while.

    The Word Fiend

  5. Oooh, I think I might realy like this.

    Your review was really good, made me want to get the book! :D

  6. I really do want to read this one! It sounds pretty interesting escpecially the part about them having to battle each other to survive. I saw this a while back on goodreads - I really have to buy myself a copy!