Tuesday, October 18, 2011

TUNE IN TUESDAY--Soundtrack Edition

Hey, everyone!  Tune in Tuesday is a meme hosted by Greads which showcases music (and with all the book soundtracks floating around now, we all know how inspiring the right song can be).

This week is the Soundtrack Edition so I decided to post a new song I found on the recently released Warrrior motion picture soundtrack (About Today by The National) as well as a song and scene from My So Called Life that has always been one of my faves (Late At Night by Buffalo Tom).  Ah, Jordan Catalano...you were kind of a jerk/stoner, you wore a lot of plaid and couldn't read, but when you took Angela's hand...*sigh*  Buffalo Tom's lyrics and this scene were made for each other :o)  Enjoy!

Hope you enjoyed my picks!

Ninja Girl


  1. I LOVE The National! About Today was lovely. I don't know what it is about violins, or really any string instruments, but they just make me pay attention. Nice picks! :D

  2. Ohhh..Ima fist pump you also LOL!! I love the National..infact..in December Ginger said she is doing concert Tuned in Tuesdays and I will be showing footage of the concert I went to a few months ago! ANDDDDDDDDDD I loved My So Called Life. Great choices....

  3. OMB! I LOVE The National!! I was also a big fan of My So-Called Life, too. Awesome picks! Thanks for sharing!!

    My Tune in Tuesday pick!

  4. @Jennifer Yes, I'm all about the strings. They can take a piece of music to another place every time. Also love a little piano and I really dig claps for some reason lol :D

    @Tee You saw them in concert??? Ooooh, I'm jealous...can't wait to see your footage!

    @LitzaLou I'm so glad I went to that movie just so I could discover The National. I'm telling you that man's voice is part Johnny Cash, part Bruce Springsteen, and all soul

  5. OMG! In HS this show came out & I was Angela (same hair and everything, not planned) & my BFF was a brunette Rayanne.
    This show helped me through all my grunge,teen angst,emo stuff..lolz..
    New follower. Gr8 picks :)
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