Thursday, June 21, 2012


I cannot believe it's over :**(  This series is great for so many reasons.  It totally deserves its own post.  Body and Soul, the last book in The Ghost and the Goth trilogy, came out recently, and I just have to say: It. Was. Awesome!

There are so, SO many ways it could've gone wrong.  With a truly impossible romance, a ghost and a living person, I could think of at least about 100 ways the story could've gone off the rails.  But the way Kade wrote these books, the stories were always believable and such fun to read!

In this third installment, we get to see how the characters have grown from Book 1.  (i.e. Alona, though still being fierce, isn't just the bitchy cheerleader.  And Will Killian isn't just the goth who wants to ignore all the ghosts around him)  Alona and Will have such a great chemistry.  "The cheerleader" and "the goth" have never been quite as well-rounded while still maintaining the funny.  I felt like I knew them.

Loved how Will was loyal/loved his mom!  That's right, he was a big old mama's boy, but it made him that much cooler in my book J  Loved how Alona used her Mean Girl powers for good instead of evil.  She defended Will, even stuck her neck out for Lily (the girl whose body she took charge of in Book 2; see why you need to read the entire series??)

The writing is pitch perfect teen, with two very different, yet equally awesome, main characters.  You'll always know who's speaking b/c, as I said, Alona and Will are so real.  Fun stories that never leave the laughs behind in favor of drama.  You'll be smiling throughout these books!

So…Reasons You Should Read (in a nice, tidy list J)

1) Kade's great writing!  She's in touch with her inner-teen, and they seem to have a very close relationship.

2) The humor.  Leave all the angsty angst behind and try a taste of the funny.  It'll make you smile, promise.

3) Great covers and titles!!  Just look at those pretty pics... *___*

4) Alona Dare.  Here's a cheerleader you'll actually like, and not for because she defies all the stereotypes.  No, Alona takes those stereotypes (mean, diva, thinks she's the ish) and brings them to a new level, especially in Book 1.  But you'll love her anyway ;)  Her brutal honesty is actually one of her best traits.

5) Will Killian.  Still love the name, still love him.  With a nickname like "Will Kill," the Goth had already won me over.  I loved how he wasn't the typical male lead.  Will was so anti-perfect.  No Ken dolls here!  And he and Alona were, as I said in an earlier review, "perfectly unperfect together."

Definitely recommend this series, couldn't have been happier with the ending--but I still wish there were more Ghost and the Goth books!  Thank you Stacey Kade for a great finish to a great story!

Happy reading,

Ninja Girl


  1. Oh I've heard so many great things about these books but I am a bona fide chicken and can't read books with ghosts in them. They scare the heck out of me. Even the funny ones. But if ever there was one that I would read, it would be this series.

    1. I really enjoyed the series. Not scary at all actually, which made it definitely stand out. There's a lot more humor here :D Hope you like it Lan!

  2. Nice review. I can't believe I'm considering reading a book about a ghost cheerleader and a goth dude.

  3. I had never really thought of reading this series, but now that I've read your post on them I'll definitely check these books out! You mentioned that there's a ton of humor and that Will and Alona sound like true teens. Can't wait to see that! Thanks so much for the post!