Friday, June 15, 2012


If you like steamy YA romance set in the South, you NEED to read these books!  Humor, hot guys, feisty females, enough Southern flavor to give the reader a firm sense of place/setting.  Oh, and drama!  Loads and loads of it J.  This is going to be a review of The Vincent Brothers, Glines's second book in the series, but I highly recommend reading The Vincent Boys first.

And it's not just because I liked Beau better J

Nah, it's totally because you need to read it to understand Sawyer's POV.

The Vincent Brothers starts six months after book one.  Sawyer Vincent, the all-around good guy, has been single a while--but he's still not over Ashton, the girl that got away.  His cousin, Beau, just up and stole her right out from under him, but Ashton had loved him back.  So Sawyer did the honorable thing and stepped aside.

(Which kinda proved he wasn’t right for her in the first place, but I digress…)

Even though Sawyer played nice and gave up Ashton without a fight, he's still spittin' mad.  Everywhere he turns, there they are.  His best friend and his girl.  And he let it happen.  Sawyer hasn't made peace with seeing them together, and he needs a distraction.  Badly.

Enter Lana McDaniel, Ashton's logical, level-headed cousin, who's staying at Ashton's house over the summer.  Lana has one goal: Make Sawyer Vincent fall completely head-over-heels, hot-under-the-collar, wipe-the-drool-off-his-chin in love with her.  She's been in love with Sawyer forever, and with Ashton out of the picture, he's fair game.  But can Sawyer fall for her when he thinks he's still in love with Ashton?  And why is it that polite, kind-hearted Lana makes the good Vincent brother suddenly want to be a bad boy?

The romance is mature (MCs are 17+), so I'd recommend for older teens.  But man, does Abbi Glines know how to write some smokin' hot romance!  I'm telling you the scenes where Lana breaks through Sawyer's "nice boy" image were some of my faves.  I loved him so much more with her than with Ashton.  Lana brought out his wild side, and I enjoyed every minute!

I'll admit, after book one, I wasn't a big Sawyer fan.   He was a bit of an ass, and even if Ashton did fall for Beau, I hated how Sawyer treated her.  And let others treat her without standing up for her.  But I'm glad I got to read his side in The Vincent Brothers.  Though I still love Beau, I was able to get past Sawyer's earlier jerkiness and enjoy his story.

And I think that was because he was a little more "Beau" in this book.  Sawyer was never as perfect as people thought.  He just needed the right girl to make him let loose.

I usually roll my eyes whenever a girl MC undergoes a transformation like Lana did, and basically pretty-fies herself for the guy.  But I didn't here.  It was actually sweet how Lana finally worked up the confidence to try and attract Sawyer instead of hiding herself.  That took some real lady balls (or should I say ovaries?J), and it made me like her.  A lot.

Glines's writing has a great flow and quick pace.  If you want a great summer read, look no further!  Loved The Vincent Boys, really enjoyed The Vincent Brothers.  Can't wait to see what she comes out with next!

Happy reading,

Ninja Girl

P.S. This is my big 50th Book Review!!! Whoohoo!  Must do something to celebrate :D


  1. i love a good old fashioned romance! I'll have to pick this one up.

    1. I do, too!! I really enjoy this series, hope you do as well :)