Saturday, December 21, 2013



Hi all!  I've reached my goal of reading 95 books this year.  (Actually, I've read 97.  YAY!).  It's been a truly great year in books.  Thanks to anyone who rec'd and reviewed.  I'd be lost without you :-).

Also, I recorded a few of my students doing the "Cups" tap dance.  It's far from flawless, but we had a lot of fun and met our Christmas goal :).  So darn proud of them!!

Have you met all your goals this year--reading or otherwise?  I hope so, and I also hope you're having a great weekend!

Ninja Girl


  1. Bravo... I didn't even get close to my goal!

  2. I actually exceeded my goal so I'm pretty happy with that. I had a really good year reading wise. Congrats on reaching your goal too! :)

    Janhvi @ The Readdicts