Tuesday, December 31, 2013

THE ART OF FALLING by Jenny Kaczorowski

This book has a setup that I absolutely adore with a slight twist.  I usually go for books where there are two best friends (guys), and one of them falls in love with the other's sister AND/OR the sister falls in love with the brother's best friend.  Don't know why, that's just one of my favorite romance plots :).
In The Art of Falling, we get two best girl friends, and Bria is secretly crushing on Abby's big brother, Ben.  That alone would create tension, but when you add their high school "roles" into the equation, it looks like it a love match may never happen.
Bria: the purple-haired artsy girl who always wears a hoodie (to cover a scar that reminds her of a tragic past), never eats meat (supposedly), and is rumored to have drank her ex-boyfriend's blood (so not true).  Ben: the quarterback with the perfect smile who loves football (not really), isn't too smart (actually, he is), and would never dream of kissing one of his sister's best friends (ha!).
It's a light, fun read and best of all there's a kiss right off the bat in chapter one.
"But there it was: the moment she'd kept nestled in her daydreams for so many years, safe from reality, from possibility.  Ben was looking at her.  Seeing her.
Kissing her.
Good. Lord."--at 4%, The Art of Falling
The romance between Bria and Ben was heartwarming, and the journey as Bria struggles to break out of the role she's created is very satisfying.  This is one of the first books from a new imprint called Bloomsbury Spark, and I enjoyed it.
I'd recommend it to readers who love a good, light contemporary romance with plenty of swoonworthy moments, a boy whose kisses taste like Skittles, and a girl who finds herself and her HEA in the end :).
Happy reading,
Ninja Girl
P.S. With this review, I've completed my Debut Author Challenge!!!  Whoop!  12 reviews of 12 YA/MG debuts in 2013 *happy dance*.  Hope you all enjoy the last day of the year!

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