Monday, May 26, 2014


Confession: I'm a major X-Men fan.  Like seriously.  Of all the superheros, X-Men--and more particularly, the AMAZING Rogue--is my fave.  Hands down.  So yeah, of course I went to the movie, X-Men Days of Future Past, and I loved everything about it...almost.

Here is where I let my geek flag fly, people.  You ready?  Okay then, let's go!

The government created these bad-guy robots--the Sentinels--to commit mutant genocide.  However, the creation ends up backfiring (of course), attacking and targeting humans as well.  In order to prevent this, Professor X and Magneto send someone (Wolverine) into the past to stop Mystique from publicly killing the guy who created the Sentinels--which would stop them (the government) from gaining access to her blood/DNA in the first place--which is supposedly the key to how the Sentinels can mimic the powers of mutants and destroy them.

And here's why that doesn't quite work.

In the Mystique vs. Rogue Conundrum, the break down of powers goes like this...

In the X-Men universe, Mystique is a mutant shapeshifter.  She can alter her appearance to look like anyone--but CANNOT steal their powers.  Rogue is also a mutant, but she has the ability to absorb the life force (and powers) of others through touch.  Now, as far as I could tell from the movie, the Sentinels eliminate mutants by taking on their powers.  Their appearances doesn't change--at least not much.  They basically look like these big, black, vaguely humanoid shaped beings (see awesome drawing above).  Sooooo...

Rogue's blood, her DNA, being the key would've made this plot make sense.  I really can't believe no one else has noticed this.  I mean, you could argue that the Sentinels really aren't taking the powers of the mutants, that they just reflect the powers.  BUT there was at least one scene where a Sentinel fought off a fire-creating mutant with Iceman's power.  You could also say that maybe the Sentinels are just absorbing the powers, adapting and fighting back.  But even that sounds more like Rogue than Mystique.

So yeah, Mystique's DNA might give the Sentinels the ability to look like other mutants (Wolverine, Storm, Jean etc.).  But it wouldn't convey/transmit their power.  That would be my girl Rogue's DNA.

If you feel differently, that's cool.  Actually, I'd love to know that they didn't just go the Mystique route because Jennifer Lawrence is a hot item right now.  Katniss is one of my favorite heroines--but I love Rogue, too.  Not sure who'd come out on top in a fight ;-).

Happy Memorial Day!

Ninja Girl

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  1. I love that you're so passionate about this topic that you've included drawings! I grew up watching the X-men cartoons and while I think Mystique was always one of the integral baddies I feel like her character really has been blown up because J. Lawrence is so popular right now. I haven't seen the movie yet but agree 100% with your assessment that it would have made much more sense if they used Rogue's DNA instead of Mystique's. I think Rogue was just underutilized in general. She was amazing in the cartoons and I loved how tough she was.I guess you can't have everything!