Thursday, October 2, 2014

Insecure Writer's Support Group: FEARLESSNESS

Hi guys, this is my first IWSG post (jeez…and my first blog post since July!).  Sorry, it's a day late.  I've read a few of the articles on the IWSG site, have actually been silently following/rooting for several of the writers on here for a while, and it seems like a great community.

So, here's where I'm at in my writing journey:

My agent and I have recently gone our separate ways.  It was a very hard decision, especially after all the time we'd spent subbing my manuscript.  It was coming up on 2.5 years that we'd been on sub (3 years with my agent), got some great responses/comments but no definite bites.

*FYI if you haven't been on sub, just know that if you're not one of the lucky few who get an offer immediately, the silence is a terrible thing.  Awful, the worst, it sucks.*

Anyway, it took me three years and three manuscripts to find an agent--which was tough, I remember--but I don't think I ever felt as craptastic as I do now :(.

I remember when I was in the pits of querying hell with everyone else.  There was a sense of camaraderie.  We were all suffering the same form R woes and slogging it out day after day.  Everyone celebrated together when someone got a partial or full request or--hit the jackpot--got The Call.

I used to bounce back after a day.  Get a rejection?  (and man, I got a TON of those)  Just get back on that horse.  Send out 2 more queries so you know the story's at least out there.

But rebounding this time has been a lot tougher for some reason.

I think it may be because when I signed with my agent I thought I was signing for the long haul.  And also I thought, "Here's someone who believes in your work.  It's only a matter of time before we find the right editor..."

I've still got so many book ideas floating around in my head.  And really I would love to see the 4 manuscripts I've written published.  I just need to find that fearlessness again.  That courage all writers whether they are looking for representation, indie or self-publishing seem to have.  I want that back.  Badly.

Got any ideas on how to get that writer-ly mojo back?  What would you do?

Have a great one,

Ninja Girl


  1. Sorry for your struggle, but congratulations that you have a completed manuscript. I am still working on my first novel.

    Suggestions on the mojo... Hmmm, word sprint games, writer's prompts from different sites e.g. Writer's Digest. I sometimes find inspiring pictures and imagine a story for fun. Write in a journal about what is important to you as a writer, or why you write. Remember that feeling that first made you write that first MS and visualize it again. I listen to music, sometime watching a movie that inspires can do it, or just getting outside and enjoying a day. I like making list too, lol.

    Courage is not feeling "no fear", but feeling the fear and doing it anyway. Fear is also a warning system and caution light in healthy doses. I have a lot of fears myself, so I get it.

    Write, just write. I like to write Star Wars fan fiction for fun. I find it inspiring. Welcome to IWSG and happy posting.

    Juneta at Writer's Gambit

  2. I can understand your pain here. I have had a similar experience and parted with an agent. Much like you I thought I had crossed the magically line that meant I would find a publishing deal. It was hard to re-motivate myself but I did it and I am still writing and subbing three years later in the hope of finding the perfect match. I think the key thing for me was, and still is, that I believe in my writing, I believe that one day that perfect match will happen. My latest ms is in the final revision stage and then I will begin the subbing process again.

    I guess what I am saying, is don't give up. Write because you have to, enjoy the process and move forward. Good luck, I am following now so let us know how you get on.

    Visiting as co-host of IWSG this month. Welcome to the group.

  3. Welcome to the IWSG! You're in the right place.
    Sorry it didn't work with your agent. I know it happens, because signing with one is no guarantee, but it still sucks.
    Don't give up. Keep trying to find another agent. Or query publishers directly. (Which is what I did.)

  4. Ugh, that must have been frustrating. I'm sorry it your agent didn't work out. Your rejection strategy made me instantly think of Hydra: cut off one head, two will grow in it's place. Good luck! Don't give up and if one agent believed in you, someone else will see your potential eventually!

  5. Yes, I hear you, Ninja Girl! It sucks. We all go through those low times so don't worry, you're in good company!!

  6. Has it already been 3 years? I remember when you shared the news that you had gotten an agent. Sorry to hear that things haven't worked out. It's understandable that you would be disheartened. I've never been down the road that you have but please don't give up. Take all the time you need to decompress but you obviously have a passion for writing and success can come in many forms these days. Have you ever thought about going down a less traditional route and maybe thinking about self publishing?

  7. PUBLISH SOMETHING. Yup. That's how you should get it back. I don't care if it's on Wattpad or in an anthology. Get yourself out there, get responses from readers, and that will totally carry you.

  8. First of all, welcome to the IWSG! Second, good on you for landing an agent. Keep in mind, most folks aren't able to do that so you must be doing something right. As someone else on another !WSG post I just read said, 'what do you call a writer who never gives up? Published!' Keep writing!!