Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Insecure Writer's Support Group: WIPs

Hi again!  Since it's November--and also NaNoWriMo--I decided to make an IWSG post about my WIPs.  I'm a writer who can only work on one novel at a time.  If I try to do more, things get a little cuckoo, so I try my best to finish a book before starting another.

BUT before I got an agent, I'd started a novel, got 30,000 words in then got The Call and stopped to focus on revising before sub.  Once on sub, I started another novel (to stay sane), got almost 10,000 words in--then put that aside when agent and I decided I should work on a different project.  I ended up completing that project (a companion to my novel that was on sub...confused yet lol?!?), but never got back to the other two before my writerly mojo took a severe hit (see post below).

Now, I have another idea for a series in a genre I've never tried writing before: New Adult.

That's three projects I could tackle.  In case you're interested, the two I'd set aside are paranormal YAs and the novel I'd subbed plus companion are YA contemporaries.  And I really haven't bounced back yet after this awful year, sooo...

How do you decide which project to focus on next?  Is it based on which book you're most excited about?  Is it based on the market?  Do you go with what you think  you write best?  I'd love to get your input :).

Ninja Girl

P.S. Thank you to everyone who commented and for the support on my first IWSG post.  Much needed and very appreciated!


  1. At least you have a lot of possibilities open to you. I choose based on which project gets me the most excited at the time. If the inspiration flows, I must follow where it goes!

  2. I tend to write with what resonates with me and not so much what the market dictates. I'm putting on my big girl panties and forcing myself to get back in the mode of editing my MG WIP.

  3. I would say, go with what gets you fired up right now. At the same time, you sometimes have to work through the blahs to get a project finished. I'm dealing with that right now- I'm on the home stretch of the first book in a series, but I've got tons of ideas for the second one. I'm trying to see if I can power through polishing up the first one while getting started on the second.

    Good luck!

  4. Whichever one calls to you the hardest it the one you should tackle.
    I can only work on one project at a time as well. I'm easily confused...

  5. I usually have lots of projects on the go and work on whichever I most want to at the time. I think that if I tried to write one story when all my interest lay in a different one, I'd be unlikely to make a good job of it.