Tuesday, June 28, 2011

THE HUNGER GAMES by Suzanne Collins

Okay, so I'm a big, fat liar.

Why didn't anyone tell me?  All this time I've been convinced, going on and on about how I don't like dystopian, how it's not my thing, how it's just a big old downer and why do people love it so much anyway?

Now I know.

After reading The Hunger Games, I know, I get it, and I am totally on board.  Again, why didn't anyone tell me??? You guys, I depend on all you great book bloggers to tell me when I'm being an idiot and letting prejudice blind me to the wonders I'm missing by ruling out complete genres.  To think, I might've never met Katniss, now one of my favorite heroines in YA lit (and probably lit period).  She was so tough, so strong, so freaking fierce I can't even take it!  Yet, she was also vulnerable/naïve, especially when it came to love. *sigh*  I would've never been introduced to Peeta Mellark (goodness gracious, there were some great names in this bookJ).  Peeta's my new literary crush…if something bad befalls Peeta (as in mortally bad) I'm not sure how I'll deal.  But I'm also crushing on Gale as well--even though he was in it what, all of five pages?  Still, after the first book, Peeta's my number one and I'm pretty loyal.  And also I think he may be the long shot even though he was one of the stars of book one--and I always go for the guy who's pre-destined to not get the girl, to pine, to suffer, to serve his heart up on a silver platter and get it thrown back at him in pieces.

Oh Lord, if Katniss doesn't pick Peeta I'm gonna…I'm gonna…I don't know, but it'll probably involve tears and a lot of cursing.

Since I'm likely the last person on the planet to discover these fantastic books, this next part is probably unnecessary--but I'm going to do it anyway.

Short, short summary: Katniss Everdeen from District 12 just volunteered to take her younger sister's place in the Hunger Games--a yearly televised event where children are chosen (one boy and one girl from each district) to fight it out until only one remains, one survivor.  The battles are bloody, the contestants ruthless.  The Capitol doesn't care who lives or dies so long as it's good TV.  Katniss just volunteered to die--but she's not going down without a fight.

This book was wonderful.  I bow down to Suzanne Collins and her mad writing skills (but I really, really, really hope nothing bad happens to Katniss or Peeta L  And if it does…just don't tell me.  I don't want to know…good grief, now I'm already expecting the worst).  Katniss is my girl.  I wish I knew her, I wish I was as brave.  I loved all the side characters, Effie Trinket, Rue, Thresh, foxface, Haymitch, every single one of 'em!

If this is dystopian, I'm all about it J

Love, love, love this book!

Ninja Girl


  1. I love The Hunger Games-- so glad you enjoyed the book! :) I'll go ahead and say they are by far the best dystopians I've ever read... but Divergent is really good, too.

    Foxface is my favorite (very) minor character. I also wonder about her, since she's obviously clever and resourceful, yet has no lines and is never mentioned after the first book. Can't wait to see how she'll be portrayed in the movie!

  2. Yay! How exciting. Glad you loved it! Can't wait to hear what you think of the sequel!

  3. @Kat I may look a Divergent a little differently now ;) And yes, Foxface was great! I wanted to know so much more about her (but I think the way she was written--elusive, barely there--really told a lot about her character)

    @Jillian Just picked up Catching Fire today and can't wait to read it!!

  4. Great review BTW. Just for clarification purposes.

  5. @ParaJunkee I know, I have no idea why I waited! It was sooooo great!!!!!

  6. Ha..I just read this for the first time a few weeks ago ...like you I kept thinking No..and I loved it cant wait for time to read the 2nd one

  7. YEEEEEEEESSSSSS! I cant believe i ONLY found Hunger Games last week. What rock of ignorance and stupidity have i been hiding under i ask you? and i called myself a READER??! I second everything you've just said Ninja Girl. Katniss is the bomb. and Peeta...well lets just say that i adore at the altar of Peeta. I ran out and bought the next 2 bks right away and read them that night. I wont spoil anything for you - just to tell you - GET THE NEXT TWO BOOKS RIGHT NOW.

  8. i'm also not a dystopian fan. Or rather i'm really particular about my dystopian. So Hunger Games and Divergent were big hits for me, but XVI and a few others feel flat for me.
    Definitely give Divergent a try, i think you'll like it. And Catching Fire is my fav of the trilogy

  9. Hahaha! That was about my same reaction a month ago when I finally broke down and read it! (I actually brought the second book to a wedding because I couldn't wait to read it).

  10. The Hunger Games had a genuine human element, which is what good dystopian novels need, IMO. I hope you enjoy the sequels as well, though I found them disappointing.

  11. @Lani I second that: Katniss is the bomb ;)

    @Falen That's exactly how I felt! Until this book, the few dystopians (besides Rot and Ruin of course) had fallen flat...but now I can't wait to read Catching Fire!

    @~Ang Glad to know I wasn't alone in the "broke down and read it" group lol. So happy I did

    @Christine Yes, the human element definitely shined in this one. I really loved the mix of action/adventure and interpersonal conflicts, but I think you hit that one right on the head.

  12. Very glad to see that you enjoyed this. :) Yes, you've missed out :P But, you just had to discover for yourself the awesomeness of this series. Hope you enjoy the rest! I bet you'd love "Divergent" by Veronica Roth as well. ;)

    Have a lovely weekend!

  13. Such a good book! Aren't you glad you finally read it?

  14. So, probably I'm the only one who haven't read this book yet... I was talking about this book with a friend just the other day. I know about all the good reviews and now yours is one of them so, maybe I have to think about buying this book once and for all, huh? ;)

  15. It's great to read a newbie's reaction! Takes me back to how I felt when I first read it. I'll try to avoid making possible spoilery comments like "Wait till you see..." but "Wait till you see...everything!"

  16. I am a total Hunger Games newbie, but unlike usual, I'm speed reading my way through the entire series.
    I'm already on book 3!!!
    Still love it, still worried...sigh...I'll be sad when it ends :)