Monday, December 5, 2011


I got these awards a while ago, and I'm so glad to pass them on!  I follow a lot of great, great blogs so I love to pay it forward :D  The first award is called the Blog on Fire Award.  Thank you Jenni Elyse and Lynn(e) for passing it on to me!!  This one is so pretty O__O  Could stare at it all day lol!  To accept the award you post a few random facts about yourself and give it to other blogs you think deserve it.

The second award is called One Lovely Blog Award, and as you can see, it's gorgeous as well!  I received this one from Lynn(e) and CassieMae.  If you're not already following, these two writerly women are tops, so go check them out J Thanks ladies!

Random Facts:

1) I had some awesome news over the holidays: I got an agent!!!  One who really loves my book and wants to work with me on it to make it the best it can possibly be J  Best. Thanksgiving. Ever!

2) Florence + The Machine is one of my favorite bands to come out in the last decade.  Cosmic Love is freaking transcendent people, and so are the lead singer's vocals.  Could listen to them all day!

3) I usually love to watch new movies, but until The Hunger Games is released, it's pretty much a waiting game J

4) My favorite type of dancing to watch is either hip hop or contemporary (or anything where the dancers kill the choreography).  My favorite style to do is contemporary. The style I'm probably best at (and teach the most classes in) is tap.  The style I'm definitely worst at is pointe.

5) My deepest wish is for my family to be truly happy.  Forever.  To get everything their hearts desire and nothing less.  I hope to help out with that. 

So, that concludes my randomness!  Onto the great blogs I think are truly awesome and fantastic and all things golden:

Have a great week everyone!

Ninja Girl


  1. Oh my gosh! An agent!!!! AGH!!!!!!!! Yes, I'm screaming and dancing and clapping and all that jazz for you :) That is amazing, congrats!!!!

  2. @Cassie Mae Oh goodness, you sound like I did lol! Thank you so much Cassie for the support and giving me the award in the first place :D

  3. OMG! Congrats on getting an agent!! That's amazing news. I can't wait to read and see your book on the shelves :) And thanks you so much for the award. It's so good to know that my random ramblings reach somebody :)

  4. I am so excited for you..great news. I cant wait to read your book!! and thank you so much for the awards..they are a first for me..Im still very new ( less than a year at this) and this thrills me to no end..


    Are we going to get a How I Got My Agent story? :D

    (And a name?) :D:D:D

  6. thanks so much for the awards. And congrats on getting an agent! I would love to read a post about your journey getting there.

  7. Congratulations on the awards but a really big congratulations on acquiring an agent!

  8. Wow, congrats on the agent!! That's amazing news! And thanks for the nominations :D!! I'm so touched that you thought of me!

    Radiant Shadows

  9. OMG, SQUEE! Congrats on the agent!! That's freaking huge! I'm so so stoked for you :)

  10. wait. wait wait wait. WAIT.
    Did you just stick that news, that most awesome, exciting, badass news in your blog post in a one sentence summary?
    Dude. No. No no no. That needs a whole blog post. Because i NEED DETAILS!!
    OMG! I'm so excited for you!! What great news! You must be over the moon!

  11. Congratulations on getting an agent! That is so awesome!

  12. I always wanted to take dance classes! When I was maybe 4, my mom got me a pair of tap shoes from a yard sale. I was so excited, but there wasn't anywhere at the time for me to take lessons.

    I ended up wearing them and running around the house pretending I was a horse, so my mom got rid of them after that. lol

    Congrats on the agent! That's pretty amazing! :)

  13. I am utterly jealous of the agent. But...CONGRATS!!! That's sooo awesome! (When you get all famous I get to be all fan-girly and like "Dude, I followed her blog way back when!" :)

    Florence rocks, also. The new CD is ballin' (I keep using that word, I don't know why. Thug life, perhaps?)

    Yay blog awards!

  14. Your random facts are AWESOME POSSUM lol. Really. We are definitely similar thinkers. Nice to meet you <3 a newbie follower

  15. I agree with Sarah - you CANT just stick that super impt news in there like that, YOU GOT AN AGENT! You rock. Thats so awesome. Congratulations! Pleeease update us, give us more details. I've been out of the blog loop and missed this but now Im on to you, lol.