Thursday, December 8, 2011

NICK & NORAH'S INFINITE PLAYLIST by Rachel Cohn and David Levithan

One of the best titles for a book (and movie imo) and the most fitting for this particular YA.  If I was as cool as either one of the MCs I'd be able to reference some awesome bands and throw in a few lines of song lyrics to sum up the book perfectly.  But I'm not, and I can't.  Ninja Girl = Geek to the core J  But what I can do is tell you why I thought the YA was such a hit.

There's something so intriguing about two strangers meeting and falling for each other over the space of one incredible night.  It's a little more believable than love at first sight, lets us get into the heads of the characters and actually see the "why."  What led up to that first kiss?  Why did Nick give Norah his jacket?  What was up with the evil exes?  Why would "frigid," too-cool-for-school Norah suddenly fall for heartsick, puppy-dog-eyed Nick?  We get to see the whole relationship unfold, its ups and downs--and there are plenty of those.  Nick and Norah were always perfect for each other (even if they didn't know it, we did), and it's that need to see how they finally get it together.  The want to see their happy ending that drives you to devour the book in one sitting.  183 pages?  I could've read about them for 300 and never been bored J

I will confess: I saw the movie first and loved it.  But the book didn't disappoint.  The same humor was there paired with a sweet innocence absent in so much of teen lit/TV/movies these days.  The gesture of Nick asking Norah to be his five-minute girlfriend to save face in front of the ex that trampled his heart.  The fact that a teenage boy would/could do that, put his pride aside and ask that question with no ulterior motive, made me love Nick immediately.  (Note: In the movie, it's Norah who asks Nick, but I liked it better when Nick asked J)  And Norah's near-immediate acceptance and how that first kiss sparked something neither of them had anticipated.  *Sigh* That, my friends, is why I love YA!

I loved Salvatore and how Nick said it looked better on Norah.  That jacket was one of my favorite characters lol!  I also really loved Norah.  I don't know why exactly.  She was guarded and protective and kind of a potty mouth, but her vulnerability, the depth of her thoughts, those won me over.  I loved the Nick in the movie a little better.  Michael Cera was not nearly as cool as the Nick in the book (and I love that Michael Cera kid; he's golden ;)).  But book Nick was wonderful, too.

Overall, I think I liked the movie just a tad better.  The innocence of it, the SOUNDTRACK, and of course, the Michael Cera.  Kat Dennings was the perfect Norah, and the chemistry was right on.  It was great to see where the movie got its inspiration (I'd actually have liked it even more if it kept in some of the parts that were left out).  The book provided a deeper look into these characters I'd enjoyed watching on screen.

I'd recommend it to readers looking for great contemporary YA with humor and heart!  And (b/c I loved the soundtrack sooooooo much!) here's one of my favorites from the movie.

Happy reading (and listening)!

Ninja Girl


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  2. This book is on my list of holiday reads and now I can't wait to start! I love the idea of two strangers falling in love over the span of a evening, especially if there is music and Michael Cera involved :)

  3. Hey Ninja!

    I have to see the movie and read the book. I meant to, but for some reason I never get to it *sigh*

    BTW - I shouted you out in my latest article about my love of bad-ass heroines in paranormal romance and urban fantasy. I had to give you kudos for your comments about Hunger Games and Peeta!