Wednesday, November 21, 2012


Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!!
I have so much to be thankful for: family and loved ones, my good health and theirs, Ninja Aunt P's Thanksgiving meal (it's A-mazing!), my support system (Agent T is the best agent a girl could ask for, and my family's belief in my books never fails to inspire me).  The love and passion I have for writing.  The fulfillment I find in my job.  My awesome students, who make that job worth going to every day.  My fantastic followers.  Great music, great reads.  Speaking of...

I'm super thankful for whoever delivered BAM's latest book shipment!  Tonight, I'm starting Deity-- and if tradition holds, I'll be reading into the early morning hours.  Is there a better way to ring in Turkey Day than with a great book? ;)
Ninja Girl out!


  1. Happy Thanksgiving Ninja Girl - Ninja Aunt Pat is thankful to have such a cool ninja niece. And thanks with the casseroles - another great thanksgiving dinner on the books!

    love ya!