Tuesday, February 12, 2013


Hi all! Tune in Tuesday is a GReads meme currently being hosted over at Kate's Tales of Books and Bands.  Since V-Day is nearly upon us, here are a few love songs I really love.  (P.S. I've been on a folk music kick.  Apparently, it's been noted by my dance students.  I make them listen to my awesome tunes over and over *Mwahahaha*)  Enjoy <3

1) Emmylou by First Aid Kit (Warning: This song is addictive!)
2) I Will Wait by Mumford and Sons (one of the only exciting moments on the Grammys imo)
3) Ghosts by Laura Marling (Okay, so it's really about heartbreak--but I choreographed a dance to it, listen to it every Thursday at least 3 times a week, and I still LOVE it)
4) Ho Hey by The Lumineers (My Best Song of the Year.  Oh yeah, and the other exciting Grammys performance :-))
Hope everyone has a great Valentine's, and if you don't have a sweetheart...be bold.  Watch some sappy movies.  Hang with friends.  Go buy yourself some flowers and chocolate for goodness sakes!  You've gotta love you <3

Ninja Girl


  1. I love Laura Marling (she used to date Marcus Mumford...trivia lol) I love all the songs you've picked this week!

  2. Great picks! I like all of them! (:

    Here's mine:

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  4. Your music picks are killing me (in a good way!). Emmylou is so adorable and yes addicting. Mumford & Sons and The Lumineers make me grin like a complete idiot but that's totally okay. And I am really liking Ghosts too!

  5. Mumford and Sons!!! I was lucky enough to see them in concert last week, and they were, of course, AMAZING. "Ho Hey" is great too!